Monday, February 28, 2011

More success

I have been on leave from my military duties for some time, and just had the opportunity to log on to the .mil network in order to check my email. As I browsed the new arrivals and deleted ones that were related to my previous billet, I came across one that I misread when I first saw it sitting in my Outlook queue.

"Mike Sadler" were the first words that I took note of, and I continued on to the business of removing others. As I filtered through the remaining new emails a bit more carefully, I realized that I had seen the name of the sender, not the subject line of the email. I opened it quickly and there it was, a reply from Major Mike Sadler himself!

I have yet to reply, but Sadler offered to take a call at my convenience, and apologized for the lack of correspondence, along with the fact that his memory has faded with the 70 years that have passed. The first thing I think I will tell him is that he, of all people, rate privacy and a certain degree of lapse in memory. He has no doubt forgotten more than I will ever know about the subject of navigation.

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Anonymous said...

What a terrific development! Surely a fascinating call to make.