Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am reminded of my interest in land navigation...

When I was just a young boy, one of my favorite books was Treasure Island, by Robert Loius Stevenson. I can faintly remember my deep interest in the nature of the treasure map that sits centerpiece to the story, and the unique landmarks such as Spyglass Hill. I must have studied that map easily one hundred times as I read the book several times, or simply thumbed to the map to daydream about piracy and treasure.

The Mike Sadler Project is a passion for me because I have always enjoyed the challenge of terrestrial navigation. I have found the business of plotting a location on a map, charting a course to that point, and the following that azimuth to a destination, a fairly easy process. Perhaps it is because of my early interest in Treasure Island. In any case, this ease and enjoyment has been part of the impetus behind the The Mike Sadler Project, and the attempt to highlight his uncanny skill at traversing hundreds of kilometers with confidence and skill.

This effort remains on track. Is is a slow track, but this project continues on. Once my post-deployment leave kicks off, I hope to move further along than I am now. Wish me luck!