Saturday, September 24, 2011

Remarkable new SAS publication

A close British acquaintance who has long helped me with my research introduced me to this news today:

It appears that the SAS Regimental Association has seen fit to publish a diary of sorts that was put together by a unnamed member of the SAS, who had experience that seems to date back to the origins of L Detachment. It has been published to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the SAS and raise money for the association, and limited copies are available in the Britain for nearly 1,000 pounds (and available only to Her Majesty's Forces and the Special Forces Club at that pric). A range of different editions are available, with the Navigator Edition, signed by the man himself, posting at a handsome £1750.

What a remarkable advance in the history of the Regiment, and the men who served it so well. It's very coincidental that I just finished reading the book, "We Won a War," which details some of the exploits of UK soldiers during the Oman counterinsurgency.


JjDak said...

I've been reading about the war time SAS. All the best to Mike for Christmas and have a great new year.

Teresa Stokes said...

I see no posts on your blog since 1911, I hope Mike Sadler is still with us, and has he any children? I just came across this while researching my family tree. He was married to my fourth-cousin Merriel Anne Hetherington, a war-time member of the SOE, who I am trying to find out more about but getting nowhere because her file in the National Archives is embargoed for another 78 years! They were divorced and I am trying to find out if there were any children of the marriage, for my family tree. Merriel went on to marry Baron Hans Von Blixen, whose father Hans Gustaf was the identical twin brother of the famous big game hunter Bror von Blixen whose wife Karen was played by Meryl Streep in the film Out of Africa.

Davidbfpo said...

Mr Sadler was certainly alive in October 2016, as he was spoken to and in January 2017 he was alive when a journalist spoke to him.

Teresa I will try to make contact with him again and pose the question(s) you ask.

Davidbfpo said...


I have just spoken to Mr Sadler. He married Merriel, who called Anne, a couple of years after 1945 and they had an amicable divorce. There were no children. He later married and had a daughter. Anne he added died in Cornwall a few years ago. He is ninety-eight now and his birthday approaches. His memory is not perfect, but he has an active mind.