Sunday, January 20, 2008


Well, after several years of contemplating the need for an original work regarding the exploits of Mike Sadler while he served with the SAS in N. Africa, I finally broke ground. This inaugural post will hopefully be the first of many that detail my progress on the project.

I hope that through these posts and other information posted here, I can expand the network of contacts, resources, and references that will undoubtedly improve the work.

And just what work am I about to embark on? To be specific, I believe that Sadler was a key player in David Stirling's SAS successes during Britain's N. African campaign, yet most texts provide little information beyond the fact that he was a skilled navigator. To the casual observer of SAS history, that may seem like an inconsequential fact, but to someone who has navigated across open desert landscapes (as I have), Sadlers feats are certainly impressive and merit recognition and remembrance.

My initial interest in Sadler stemmed from a read of The Phantom Major: The Story of David Stirling and the SAS Regiment, by Virgina Cowles. This interest grew after my reads of various books detailing the exploits of the Long Range Desert Group and their loose affiliation with the SAS before Stirling acquired his own transport. As someone who has languished over a map with sweat dripping from my brow as I plotted the next leg of my course, I wanted to know more about Sadler. I felt the larger historical and military audience would benefit from learning how Sadler learned to navigate, what standard operating procedures he observed, and how he applied his craft in the harsh conditions of the blistering sands.

Althoug Sadler would likely consider his actions just the job of an average soldier, he most certainly accomplished heroic things.


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Hi JAC. Just stumbled across this blog while posting at the Small Wars Journal. The subject of this site, Mike Sadler, promises to be fascinating. If I manage to dig anything up on him or related materials, I'll send it your way.

This is a good-lookin' site JAC; and the posts so far aren't just good, they're intriguing - I'll be checking in regularly.